SHM Stockholm

Our Role

NTRP where brought in by Swedish House Mafia in a tour director capacity to oversee, pre-production, programming, production and tour logistics for Swedish House Mafia’s 3 sold out back to back shows at the Tele 2 arena in Stockholm.

Being involved from the design process, NTRP and their production team relocated to Stockholm for a month for pre-production and to program the show along with show designer Sam Tozer, Lighting operator Alex Hesse, and VJ + Laser programmer Alex Wilson.

From Pre production moving into load in, we oversaw the stage build and day to day site operations for the 2 x 24 hour back to back load in days. With over 100 crew on site 16 trucks and 3 cranes, the NTRP team handled all accreditation, day to day movements and guest lists for the build and show days.

Show Designer – Sam Tozer
Tour director, Pre-production, Programming, Production – NTRP
Production Assistant – Lizette Meinholt
Production and Stage Management – Mike Clegg
TM – Thomas Molin’s
LD – Alexander Hesse
VJ’s – Boxcat
Audio – Wayne Sergeant
Monitors – Owain Richards
Lasers – ER Productions
SFX – Unique Pyrotechnic
Video and Production Supply – Faber and Unipix


– 3 x Back to Back sold out shows – Totaling 120,000 Tickets
– 57 Meters x 14 meters LED screen
– 16 x 30 watts Lasers
– 7 Meter Circumference Custom Kinesis Light Rings At 7 Tonnes Per Ring
– First Ever Cantilever Floating Stage
– 32 Flame Units
– 3 x 5-Meter Custom Fire Ring Circles Flow Over The Audience (First Time Ever Done)
– Pyro Placements For First Time Throughout The Arena Roof (First Time Ever Done)