SHM Saudi Arabia

Our Role

NTRP where brought in by Swedish House Mafia in a tour director capacity to oversee, pre-production, programming, production and tour logistics for Swedish House Mafia’s headline show at Diriyah Music Festival in Saudi Arabia.

Working closely with the on-site production team at PHTM labs and live nation and with only a 4 week lead time from the show being confirmed to the show date. NTRP’s skill and technical expertise allowed us to swiftly and safely advance and pull all aspects of this show together using years of production and logistical knowledge.

Working in an Outdoor setting and with high winds and weather conditions we were faced with many obstacles including the first ever counter balanced floating platform created in an outdoor concert environment and articulating 3 cranes that’s suspended a mother gird above the band. The Unique challenges this show presented to us only made for a more Jaw dropping performance with a military guarded SFX display and over 500 hits of SFX.

Show Designer – Sam Tozer
Tour director, Pre-production, Programming, Production – NTRP
Production Assistant – Lizette Meinholt
Production Live Nation – PHTM Labs
TM – Thomas Molin’s
LD – Alexander Hesse
VJ’s – Boxcat
Audio – Wayne Sergeant
Monitors – Owain Richards
Lasers – ER Productions
Cameras – Andy Warwick
SFX – Unique Pyrotechnic
Video and Production Supply – Mediaproav
Live Nation – Promoter


– 57 Meters x 14 Meters LED Screen
– 20 x 30 Watts Lasers
– 5 Meter Circumference Custom Kinesis Light Rings At 7 Tonnes Per Ring
– 32 Flame Units
– 3 x 3-Meter Custom Fire Ring Circles Flow Over The Audience (First Time Ever Done)
– 3 x Cranes With Flown Mother Grid Over Stage
– SFX display Pyro Firing 1K Into The Air (Guarded By The Military)