SHM Cream Fields

Our Role

NTRP where brought in by Swedish House Mafia to oversee the tour Direction, production management and tour logistics for their headline show at Creamfields.

Being one of the largest festival productions ever produced with 14 trucks and 1 crane we shut the stage for all other acts on the Sunday so we could finish the 12-hour build.

NTRP worked closely with BPM SFX to come up with a SFX movement to show off one of the most Jaw dropping festival productions ever constructed and I think the fire moment perfectly captured this.

Having to work in confined spaces with a LED platform 14 Meters x 4 Meters x 3 Meters that the artist performed on, and 280 moving lights, and 30 x 30 watt lasers.
Attention to detail, accuracy and team work was key for this show so that everything was safe for the artist and crew during the performance.

Show Designer – Sam Tozer
Pre-production, SFX Design, and On Site Production – NTRP
TM – Thomas Molin’s
VJ’s – Boxcat
LD – Alexander Hesse
FOH – Wayne Sergeant
Cameras – Andy Warwick
Backline – Dougie Smith
Video Supplier – 80 Six Ltd
Risers and Staging – Production North
Crane – Corkcranehire
Lasers – ER Productions
SFX – Bpm SFX + Quantum


– One Of The Largest Ever UK Festival Productions – So Large That The Main Stage Had To Be Closed For The Whole Sunday In Order For The Production Build To Take Place
– 14 Meters x 4 Meters x 3 Meters LED Performance Box
– 30 x 30 watts Lasers
– 5 Meter Circumference Custom Kinesis Light Rings At 4 Tonnes Per Ring
– 82 Flame Units
– 6 x Spit Fire Flame Units 100ft High
– 14 Pyro Cherry Pickers
– 3 x 5 Meter Custom Fire Ring Circles Flown About The Stage On A Crane