Jonas Blue UK Tour

Our Role

The NTRP team where brought in to supply a show design, pre-production, on site logistics and production for Jonas Blue’s sold out UK tour.

Being brought in at the design process, pre-production and programming of the show. We worked closely with Alex Hesse the designer of the show and Alex Ryan who was supplying the production. To create a show that could be scaled up and down and keep the same design ethos due to venue constraints.

From programming and pre-production, we brought the show to 8 venues across the UK our team oversaw load in build and logistics on site for the Artist, crew and band for the duration of the tour.

Advance Production – NTRP
Production – NTRP
Advance Tour Management – NTRP
Tour Manager – Phil O’Neil
LD – Alex Hesse
VJ’s – Boxcat
Audio – Patchwork London